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Style Like #1

I love this outfit I put together on polyvore. It’s a Pencil leather skirt from Windsorstore, and a Poncho from Joseph Cotwool, Bebe Booties, Zara Bag , Juicy C. Watch & sterling sliver Plated Bracelet From Macys. I love this outfit; it very causal but chic.




My Fall Favs !

Fall is here; I love fall it’s just like spring an In-between seasons. The best time to wear everything you have in your closet. So I picked outa few of my fall and also winter favs. I love dark colors for the winter time, you can dress it up with multiple thing, then I choose an bootie, either leather or suede bootie is fine for the fall; then their is my fav !! Sweaters ! I love sweaters; their comfy and very safe & with the right sweater you can dress it up or dress it down. Last but not least is an trench coat; which is not also appropriate for the spring but also for the fall.

Pants H&M
Top &Shoes Top Shop
Coat Burberry


Edgy Trench Coat !


Everyone loves a trench coat. This season theirs a lot of contrast of textures and patterns. So I decided to purchase this trench; It is by Walter baker; it’s called a Keanu Trench. They have it in 3 different colors, a Kaki & black ( as shown in my picture) an olive green and black & a black on black. I brought it from Walter bakers collection, it’s also sold at Macy’s for a very reasonable price.
What I really love about this trench is the leather sleeves. The sleeves also give us some texture. As shown in my picture I dressed it up & dressed it down. My first photo to the left was worn to an interview I recently had. Trench alongside black skinny slacks, with a poka dotted stocking & under neither a white collard shirt with some flat black ballet shoes. Love !! Then to my right, was this beautiful trench, with cargo skinnys from A&F, with some Timberlands (Constructions), underneath a long sleeve navy blue top from Old navy ( Yes I Know ) ! As along as it different it will always work .