Happy Holidays !!

Hey guys holidays are coming & you guys with boyfriends, I know your wondering what should get him this year; well here are some ideas of what would be a good idea to get your hubby this year. Xoxo

Great Gift For Your Boyfriend !!


Music !

Hey wasshup guys, another one of my hobbies is to take pictures. I use photography as a way to shows different parts of life and to show things I like. And music is one of them; I like all type of music. From rock to country. I not only like music I enjoy when people can play an instrument. My dad can play 4 different type of instruments, different type of guitars, a piano and drums. As of right now he only has his guitar with him.



My Fall Favs !

Fall is here; I love fall it’s just like spring an In-between seasons. The best time to wear everything you have in your closet. So I picked outa few of my fall and also winter favs. I love dark colors for the winter time, you can dress it up with multiple thing, then I choose an bootie, either leather or suede bootie is fine for the fall; then their is my fav !! Sweaters ! I love sweaters; their comfy and very safe & with the right sweater you can dress it up or dress it down. Last but not least is an trench coat; which is not also appropriate for the spring but also for the fall.

Pants H&M
Top &Shoes Top Shop
Coat Burberry


My Life. Hello Morning !

Hey Y’all Lol ! I Was suppose to post this in the AM but I was busy. But I Love taking pictures of things that are simple but has meaning; So this morning I got up & starting reading my book ( that I never finish ) & had a cup of coffee. As I was reading I saw a perfect picture ( artistic eye) & I took a picture if my morning. I added a filter, and photoshop the best way I can. Tell me what you think ?


Art is Life

Hey Guys; I been gone for a while busy busy busy ! But not to busy to check out an Art Museum in New York; before schools back in season. It’s called MoMa. MoMa is filled with a lot of history and wonderful art. I really enjoy paintings. They are called “The Mystery of the Ordinary” about the 1926-1938 – Magritte. Anybody in the the New York area, MoMa is located 11 W 53rd St between 5th/6th Ave. Here are the paintings that I really liked. Hope you all enjoy.