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Truth . . .

Hey .. I been really just getting my thoughts and feelings together & things; & I finally get to share it with you. Well I want to share it with you. I wrote this tonight. It took me a few days to dig deep down & figure out this feeling called LOVE; I been expressing. So here it is; this will be the only time I do this. The rest stays in the journal. I shared it first on my Tumblr, so I hope you can relate !
The Crown Awaits


My Life. Hello Morning !

Hey Y’all Lol ! I Was suppose to post this in the AM but I was busy. But I Love taking pictures of things that are simple but has meaning; So this morning I got up & starting reading my book ( that I never finish ) & had a cup of coffee. As I was reading I saw a perfect picture ( artistic eye) & I took a picture if my morning. I added a filter, and photoshop the best way I can. Tell me what you think ?